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SubTrade Pre-Qualification Form

Westmark Development Group places great value on the relationships it develops with its Supplier / Subcontractor partners.


We consider Supplier / Subcontractor to be our business partners, critical to the success of each project and to our continued success as a company.


We strive to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our Supplier / Subcontractor.


It is important for our Supplier / Subcontractor to share a commitment to quality construction, timely delivery, accurate budgeting, safety, sustainability, and honest business practices.


Therefore, we have rigorous Supplier / Subcontractor prequalification processes to ensure technical expertise and capability, relevant project experience, safety procedures, and financial stability.


Prequalification forms must be 100% completed and properly submitted as directed on the forms to be considered.


Please feel free to contact us at 604-821-1333 or via e-mail with inquiries. Thank you for your interest in working with Westmark Development Group.


SubTrade Pre-Qualification Form